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KEK Business Solutions brings experts together to provide
better services— and solve bigger problems—in construction and technology.


We bring experts together to provide better services and solve bigger problems.


BuildingMemo is a digital communication platform that serves as an intermediary between the tenants, contractors, building supers, and home management companies. They believe that communication is the root of every relationship.

However, it’s usually difficult for tenants to reach property managers on time, or for property managers to contact tenants about a pending issue.

BuildingMemo’s new Residents & Building Community app makes it easier for everyone to stay in touch – faster and more efficiently than with a phone call or in-person visit. They leverage modern-day, mobile-app communication channels to save time and money, promote convenience, and increase real-estate management productivity.

Current State of Development:

BETA Version trial begins October 2020.

Safe Guard Strategic

Safe Guard Strategic provides facility audits and consultations for infectious disease control. They assist facility owners in ensuring the safety of their residents, customers, clients, and employees by thoroughly assessing buildings for areas of risk in relation to infectious disease transmission. Safe Guard Strategic stands by facility owners from start to finish – from initial audits and costing to execution of retrofit/new build installation to project management.

Assessment Services include:


  • HVAC systems: Determining whether current HVAC systems require improvements to effectively catch airborne viruses/diseases. If required, the current HVAC system will either be modified/upgraded or replaced completely.
  • Points of Contact: Determining the frequency of use and risk associated with all facility points of contact to create effective solutions for mitigating the spread of infectious diseases. Most common points of contact include switches, fossettes, toilet/shower handles, door handles/knobs etc.
  • Entrances and Exits: Equipping all facility entrances/exits with body temperature detection.
  • Anti-Microbial Paint: Fresh paint application in frequently visited areas to ensure easier cleaning and minimize the growth and absorption of germs and bacteria.

Current State of Development:

Launching December 2020

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Our everyday lives are cluttered by too many different organizational apps and solutions. People currently use multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Evite, Microsoft, Apple Calendar and Android Calendar. It is a share- all or share-nothing calendar space and has not addressed these issues for over two decades. This makes it nearly impossible to stay organized, and to coordinate and share schedules with the people in your network.


The COOSHA Mobile and Web App sync seamlessly, allowing you to create, manage, sync and share schedules with your entire network in one place: One Hub. One network. COOSHA offers syncing with Google, Microsoft and other third-party calendar subscriptions. It also allows users to create and manage calendars for personal use and create group calendars when you need to sync schedules with the people in your life.

Current State of Development:

Successful BETA launch in 2018-2019 campaign. Currently 2.0 version is being developed to launch in the summer 2020.

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