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Engineering Services

KEK Business Solutions brings experts together to provide
better services— and solve bigger problems—in construction and technology.

Engineering Services

We bring experts together to provide better services and solve bigger problems.

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Engineering Services

Building Diagnostic provides thermal imaging services, field tests and invasive inspections to identify building envelope related deficiencies. We provide general inspection service agreement for common elements on a regular basis.

Building Science – We provide Engineering Services regarding the investigation, preparation of specification and project management for the repairs of building envelope, garage and balcony. Camberwell Engineering also provides financial planning services such as building condition assessment and reserve fund study for condominium corporation.

Electrical Engineering – We provide electrical design for power distribution, lighting control, access controls, CCTV & building communication. We also provide design services for fire alarm system.

Mech Service provides designs for heating & cooling, plumbing, domestic water assembly, storm & sanitary, fire suppression, standpipe and fire pumps. We specialize in mechanical code reviews.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering support for the design, analysis, inspection, and evaluation of any structural system. We carry the experience and reputation to provide quick, innovative, and cost- effective engineering for architects, property managers, and general and sub-contractors. We also provide Geo-Structural Engineering.

Some of the higher “ticket” items would be:

Demolition Procedures
Crane path shoring
Crane placement
Surgical demolition including existing building shoring (hold up one side of the building and take the other side down)
Shaft design
Retaining walls
Soil shoring
Culvert design
Bridge demolition
Sheet piles
Helical pile design

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